Gentlemen Prefer--Brunettes?

Researchers tackle sex, sizzle, and jealousy
by Doug Dollemore

They've decoded the human genome and probed the depths of the universe. Now scientists are unraveling the mysteries of true love and toppling myths about attraction, romance, and cheatin' hearts. Here are some of their latest findings:

Opposites don't attract. In a survey of 978 heterosexual volunteers, ages 18 to 24, Cornell University researchers found that both sexes are most attracted to those who look like them, have similar social status, and share the same values, particularly toward family and sexual fidelity.

Boys like brown hair. Blondes have more fun? Perhaps, but men are drawn to women with long brown hair, says Florida State University psychologist Kelley Knapp-Kline, PhD. She showed 76 women and 50 men six photos of women; three were actually pictures of the same woman with different length hair. Men (and women) rated long hair as the most attractive. Among the men, 46% preferred brown hair, 27% chose black, 19% gave blondes the top rating, and 7% went for redheads.

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