• Sensory and perceptual factors underlying the ability to detect sensations produced by the beating of the heart.

  • Other interests include olfaction, infant perception, and parental caring.

  • Dr. Kelley Kline along with Kim Fazzone and Dr. Colin Peeler presented research on the "Effects of women's hair length on perceived attractiveness by men" at the 15th Annual American Psychological Society in Atlanta, GA in May 2003. In late June 2003, Reuters Health contacted Dr. Kline for an interview that resulted in the article linked below "Listen Up, Ladies: Long, Lush Locks Lure Lovers." The article and its findings have been featured in the New York Post, Yahoo news, The Times of India, Macon Online, CNN, Fox News, and Regis and Kelly.

  • Dr. Kline has given numerous interviews to radio talk shows including Dom
    Giordano on WPHT 1210 AM in Philadelphia, KDKA News in Pittsburgh, KNews in Las Vegas, and Jason Jarvis, host of a nationally syndicated talk show. Dr. Kline and Kim Fazzone were also interviewed by the morning Fox news team of Fox News and Friends, on July 1st 2003. The show appeared live nationwide.

  • Click here to listen to Dr. Kline & Dom Giordano....6.33 MB file
  • Dr. Kline and Kim Fazzone appear on Inside Edition

    On August 18th 2003, Dr. Kline and Ms. Fazzone were interviewed at Inside Edition's W.57th Street, NYC studio. Fascinated and intrigued by their study on women's hair length and color, Inside Edition will be augmenting this interview with their own media survey and report.....see pics of the taping here.


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